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Are local payment gateways causing frustration with an increasing decline ratio? We've got you covered! Our company specializes in integrating Shopify Payments and other international gateways into your website, ensuring a flawless payment experience with a 0% decline rate.

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Our Company Introduction

You Focus on marketing, while we handle your Shopify payments.

We specialize in integrating various payment solutions, including Shopify Payments, Google Pay, Meta Pay, Stripe, and more, into your Shopify store. You can receive payouts in your preferred currency, such as USD, PKR, CAD, and more

Payment Gateways

Choose your preferred payment gateway, and we will seamlessly integrate it into your Shopify store. Additionally, we offer the option to receive payments directly through bank transfers and Zelle, expanding beyond card transactions

Physical Address - Warehouse

We provide you with a dedicated US warehouse to receive and store all your packages. We'll securely hold them until you instruct us to deliver them to another customer or return them to your own warehouse as per your request

Our Service List

What We Are Offering

Payment Gateways

We offer seamless integration of popular payment gateways such as Shopify Payments, PayPal, Stripe, MetaPay, Google Pay, and more onto your website. You have the flexibility to choose the specific payment gateways you prefer.

Zelle and Physical Bank

You will be provided with a Zelle account linked to your email address, such as shop@yourdomain.com, along with a physical bank address. This enables your customers to conveniently transfer funds directly to your account.


We will provide you with a dedicated physical address where your customers can send back packages if needed. We will handle the storage and give you the flexibility to decide whether you want us to send the package back to you or forward it to a different address of your choice.


We offer payout options in your preferred currency, whether it's USD, CAD, PKR, or another currency of your choice. Simply provide us with your bank account details, and we will ensure that you receive your payouts according to the agreed-upon timeline.


All-in-one Solution for your Business


Allow us to manage your packages.

"Dealing with returns from our US customers used to be a major challenge for our ecommerce business. Packages were not even reaching us or getting significantly delayed, causing both time and financial losses. Thankfully we found the perfect solution with Groww. Groww provided us with a physical address where our customers conveniently drop off their return packages. This streamlined the entire return process. ensuring that packages reached us promoptly and efficiently. The convenience for our customers and the reduction in shipping delays have made a significant positive impact on our operations.

Usama Mir
Managing Director

Working with Groww has been a game-changer for my Shopify e-commerce store in Pakistan. One of the biggest challenges we faced was the high rate of payment declines when using local payment gateways. However, Groww approached us with an innovative solution by integrating Shopify Payments into my store and even providing a physical address. The results have been nothing short of remarkable. Prior to partnering with Groww, our payment decline ratio stood at a staggering 50%. However, after implementing Shopify Payments through Groww, our decline rate plummeted to an astounding 0%. This improvement has had a significant impact on our business, allowing us to process payments smoothly and avoid unnecessary obstacles.


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